Knight Stewards

The Knight Stewards is a group of parents, friends, and alumni of Metro East Lutheran High School. Our purpose is to foster and promote a better understanding and a closer relationship between the school and the home so that parents and teachers can more effectively work together in communicating, educating, and financially supporting the best possible Christian education at Metro East Lutheran High School.

Throughout the year, the Knight Stewards support our students, faculty, and staff by “giving back” in various ways. We volunteer with our time by helping at various school events. Through our fundraising, we raise money to financially support the purchase of items that help our school provide a quality Christian education to our children. For example, over the past 9 years, the Knight Stewards has provided over $100,000 towards the purchase of various items, such as AED defibrillators, lockers, desks, kickballs, tables for desk-less classrooms, emergency kits, microscope repairs, 3D art and drama equipment, and MUCH more. We also provide monthly lunches for teachers on short days and food during Back-To-School and Award Night events. Every parent is automatically a member of the Knight Stewards, and it’s the efforts of our members that make all of the items listed above possible. As such, all parents are invited to help the Knight Stewards as we help our school!

Being an active member of the Knight Stewards does not require a huge time commitment. This is literally one of those situations where a little help/effort makes a huge difference! If you are able to help, please email so that we can add you to our future email communications. 

Join us for our annual meetings!

Having more people at our meetings helps us make better decisions on how to best support our school!
November 10 ● December 8 ● January 12 ● February 9 ● March 9 ● April 13 ● May 11