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Metro-East Lutheran High School offers a wide variety of athletic activities both seasonally and year-round. Our 20 team sports offer opportunities to fit all kinds of interests and abilities, enhance leadership skill, and encourage teamwork and personal improvement.


Baseball Joel Rempfer - joel.rempfer@melhs.org
Basketball (Boys) Anthony Smith - anthony.smith@melhs.org
Basketball (Girls) Rob Stock - rob.stock@melhs.org
Bass Fishing
Bowling (Boys & Girls) Bill Gass - bill.gass@melhs.org
Cheer Deloris Gibbons - deloris.gibbons@melhs.org
Cross Country Ruth Thompson - ruth.thompson@melhs.org
Dance Christina Cathcart - christina.cathcart@melhs.org
Football Micah Pomerenke - micah.pomerenke@melhs.org
Golf Tim Lorenz - tim.lorenz@melhs.org
Golf John Zilm -john.zilm@melhs.org
Scholar Bowl Jay Krause - jay.krause@melhs.org
Soccer (Boys & Girls) Noah Enke - noah.enke@melhs.org
Tennis (Boys & Girls) David Roderick - david.roderick@melhs.org
Track (Boys & Girls) David Moldenhauer - david.moldenhauer@melhs.org
Trap Brian Johnson - brian.johnson@melhs.org
Volleyball (Boys) Jason Batty - jason.batty@melhs.org
Volleyball (Girls) Jon Giordano - jon.giordano@melhs.org
Wrestling Tim Muther - tim.muther@melhs.org
girls basketball

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