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Home Economics Presented by Mrs. Keily-Vann

Home Economics and Community Involvement

My interim will focus on skill-building in the areas of:

  • Cooking
  • Dinner, Home, and Conversational Etiquette
  • Gardening
  • Community Service
  • Event planning

Lessons will include:

  • Gourmet cooking for the home chef in which all students will cook multiple meals
  • A trip to the Ferguson Community Garden to assist in community building and development
  • A comprehensive study of American and European home and dinner etiquette and when to apply both, which will take place in the context of a dinner party
  • An event planning which shop in which students will cook a dish and showcase their choice of table decoration, meal plan, and venue
  • Basics in gardening, home botany, and yard design

Fantastic Photography Presented by Mr. Lorenz

Day one: We will spend time learning some specifics of how a camera works, how to set up a photo, and different types of photos to take.

Day two - five: we will spend these days going out to various locations at various times to take different types of photos.  We will also want to come back to school at some points in time to download, and look at our photos and self-evaluate them.

Specific times, location and transportation TBD

Adopt a Grandparent Service Interim Presented by Ms. Theisen-Claxton

This service week requires students to pair with residents of Meridian Village. The student will act as a volunteer for that person Monday through Thursday from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. helping take care of the “grandparent.” [The five - hour limit is to accommodate the residents of Meridian Village, who may find five hours of the company of an adolescent more than enough.]

During that time, the student will also ask questions about the “grandparent’s” life, recording the answers in a visual/audio medium.

On Friday, the recordings will be shared with the group (includi ng the “grandparents”), and the entire group will share a meal together at lunch.

In order to qualify for this program students must:

  • MELHS students will submit a “Minor Release Form” signed by a parent.
  • MELHS students will have a record of a current TB test.
  • Meridian Village will provide TB tests for students who need them. This is a two - step test with two weeks between.
  • Any student who applies for this program must have demonstrated an ability to conduct himself or herself in keeping with Lutheran High values outside the school setting .
  • Students must write, present, and have approved the questions they will ask the residents. These questions will be presented to Mrs. Theisen-Claxton no later than one month before the interim for approval.

A Capital Connection Presented by Dr. Krause and Ms. Thompson

The histories of France and England are as distinct as they are intertwined. Explore them both! These two capitals are standard bearers of culture and history. Experience London's royal tradition at Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, and take in life today on its bustling streets. In Paris, lose yourself in the endless art at the Louvre and pinch yourself as you ascend the Eiffel Tower.

Current Student Price: $3,624

Current Adult Price: $4,024

Young Adult Activities Presented by Mr. Moldenhauer

We will be doing activities that you can do with friends when you have some free time over the summer, in college , or after college. These will include things like :

  • Spikeball
  • Kan Jam
  • Disc Golf
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Cornhole (bags)
  • Washers
  • Floor Hockey
  • Bocce Ball
  • Croquet
  • Kubb
  • Dodgeball

Outdoor Adventures Presented by Mr. Muther

Interim offering 2018 Outdoor Adventures Students will be involved in hiking, biking and a canoe trip in and around the metro east area. Three of the days will be 8am - 3 pm adventures. There will likely be an overnight camping event the will help connect two days of adventure. One hike planned wil l the climbing of Tom Sauk Mountain in Missouri.

Cost is $30

Service with a Smile Presented by Mr . Batty, Mrs. Wudtke, Mr. Brumbaugh

Students will be involved with service projects throughout the community and at school.

"A Gastronomic Tour of BBQ Restaurants in St. Louis" Presented by Mr. Pomerenke

The Students will enjoy great BBQ, but also be food critics. The course will use social media to help create the experience each day.

Cost $150

Grilling and Yard Games Presented by Mr. Rempfer

We will learn different grilling techniques as well as using a smoker.  Also, we will be playing different yard games such as cornhole, washers, etc, to pass the time as we grill.

GOING TO CALIFORNIA! Presented by Mr. Giordano and Mrs. Morrison

Enjoy a 9-day trip to California for Interim 2018 with Mrs. Morrison and Mr. Giordano!

We will see some of the most iconic vistas in the world – San Francisco Bay, Big Sur, the Monterey Peninsula, mountains, oceans, and YOSEMITE!! We also are visiting Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Venice Beach, the Getty Museum, Golden Gate Park, Ghiradelli Square and Alcatraz.

Enjoy the best that the West Coast has to offer!

See Mr. Giordano for cost

Woodworking Presented by Mr. Schnare

Explore the world of working with wood. The projects during this week will give a brief exposure the the challenges and benefits of building things out of wood. We will cover the design process, the cutting of different pieces for the project, refining of wood, assembly and the finishing. We will also take a field trip to view wood in it's natural cutdown habitat, as well as visiting a great wood shop in operation.

Sign Language Presented by Mrs. Covarrubias

This interim will be focused on helping students learn sign language.