Engaging young adults in a Christ-centered environment, delivering academic excellence and spiritual growth to develop Christian leaders.


Are you ready for an educational adventure in which students . . .

  • - are actively engaged by incredible teachers,
  • - experience excellence in curriculum, athletics, and activities, and
  • - are equipped to become the Christian leaders of tomorrow?

If so, ENROLL TODAY, or contact us at Lutheran High to see how we can serve your family.  You can call our office at 618.656.0043 or email our principal, Dr. Jay Krause, at jay.krause@melhs.org.

Think you can't afford the Lutheran High experience? It could be more affordable than you think as the ability to pay full tuition is not a criteria for enrollment and tuition assistance is available.

Enrollment Policies and Procedures

Metro-East Lutheran High School enrolls students in grades 9-12.  We desire to serve families who want an academically challenging, Christian secondary education for their children.

All incoming students must go through an application process that includes completing an application, submitting appropriate recommendations, and providing proof of past academic performance. The final step of the application process is the completion of a family interview in which the parents and student meet with the Principal. See below for a checklist of steps.

The following steps are to be completed as part of the application and admission procedures:

1 Submit a completed Application for Admission and the $100 non-refundable application fee.
2 Submit completed recommendations:

  • School Recommendations (to be completed by an administrator or guidance counselor, English teacher, and math teacher of the student’s current school) and,
  • Church Recommendation (to be completed by a pastor or church worker from the student’s congregation). If the student does not have a church home, a character  recommendation must be completed (by a non-family member) instead.

3 Provide a copy of the student’s transcript or provide a report card from a recent grading period.
4 Provide the student’s most recent standardized test results.
5 Sign an Authorization for Release of Records form.
6 Schedule and attend a family interview with the Principal or his designee.

Based on this information, the Principal decides to accept or decline the application. This acceptance or declination is then communicated with the parents.

If the student is accepted, the family must complete a registration process which includes:

  • Receive numerous documents from MELHS which will help students prepare for the next year.
  • Submitting a Registration form and the $200 registration fee. The form focuses on the payment plan for tuition.  Depending upon which plan is requested, additional forms may be required.
  • If you are a member of an association congregation, submitting the Membership Confirmation form.
  • Submitting an Emergency Medical Authorization, the Activity/Athletic Interest Survey, and Student/Parent  Responsibility Contract, and any forms needed for participation in athletics.
  • Meeting with the Assistant Principal or Guidance Counselor to select classes.
  • Receive numerous documents from MELHS which will help students prepare for the next year.
  • Lutheran High will request documentation from the student's previous school. If the file is incomplete, more information  such a birth certificate and health forms may be required.

Additional Policies

Metro-East Lutheran High School tries to serve students of varying academic abilities.  However, the school does not have the resources needed to serve students who have significant academic needs.

Metro-East Lutheran High School desires to surround its students with positive influences.  Applicants who desire to transfer to Lutheran High because of an extended suspension or expulsion from their present or previous school will likely be denied enrollment.  However, each application is considered on an individual basis.

Metro-East Lutheran High School encourages its students and their families to be active in a Christian congregation, but church membership or attendance is not required for enrollment.

Metro-East Lutheran High School reserves the right to accept or decline any student application.